Latest News

  1. On 04/12/2017, Prof Xue-Cheng Tai at University of Berger, Norway visited Bournemouth University, UK and presented a seminar talk on “Fast Algorithms for Euler´s Elastica energy minimization and applications to image processing and computer vision”.
  2. On 18/12/2017, The PDE-GIR held the kick-off meeting.
  3. Mandun Zhang, Xinjie Ge, Jianglei Huo, Zhidong Xiao, Lihua You, Jianjun Zhang, Facial expression cloning method, State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China. Patent number: ZL201410269983.9, Certificate number: 2775357, Patent grant date: 12/01/2018.
  4. Prof Andres Iglesias at University of Cantabria, Spain attended the Coordinator Day meeting held in Brussels on 17-18/01/2018.
  5. On 06/02/2018, Prof Hassan Ugail at University Bradford, UK held the kick-off meeting of the first work package of the PDE-GIR project.
  6. Prof Alexander.Malyshev at University of Bergen, Norway communicated the research tasks of the second work package of the PDE-GIR project among the PDE-GIR partners in February 2018.
  7. On 27/02/2018, Prof Andres Iglesias made a presentation about the Coordinator Day meeting.