Indeform Ltd



Indeform Ltd is a digital graphics, visual technologies and products development company striving for innovation, artistic and technical excellence in its work. The main services are:

1) Computer vision & Image processing – Real-time computer vision and image processing solutions including OpenCV, CUDA, motion capture, augmented reality and other intelligent vision technologies.
2) Interactive solutions – Interactive, cross platform, OpenGL/WebGL products, multimedia applications and CAD systems for Web, Mobile & PC.
3) 3D Visualizations – Animated 3D visual presentations, visual simulations and photo-realistic renderings for architecture, industry, science and medicine.
4) Digital graphics & Animation – 3D characters animation & visual FX services to creators and producers of animated films, TV and web series, commercials and video game cinematics.

The company services are used by variuos industries (energetics, robotics, production and manufacturing, architecture) and medicine. The Company is located in Lithuania at Kaunas Science and Technology Park and keeps an active realtionship with Kaunas University of Technology and Kaunas faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. This year the Company had the honor to be nominated for the collaboration between business and science prize by The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania at the Business Day 2015, organized by Kaunas Science and Technology Park.