University of Bradford

The University of Bradford received its Royal Charter in 1966 but its origins date back to the 1860s. Today the University has around 10,000 students. Bradford has always been a forward-thinking, modern and student-orientated University. We have a firm commitment to confronting inequality and celebrating diversity, our students benefit from a multi-cultural learning environment, with students here from over 110 countries across the world. Overall the University has a close-knit, friendly atmosphere, enabling students to get to know each other quickly. The University has always been pioneering in our course provision, being the first British University to offer a Peace Studies degree and to set up a modern Business School and the first UK University outside London to offer part time degree courses. New courses have been founded in response to an ever-changing landscape of educational needs. Many of these are interdisciplinary in character such as Environmental Science, Technology and Management, and Interdisciplinary Human Studies. Others, such as Design for Computer Games, Forensic Science and Medical Engineering, keep pace with scientific development and the needs of employers.